Electric Storage Heaters are one of the most popular forms of Electric Heating and because they use low cost "Off Peak" electricity, running costs are low. Please contact us with your requirements and we will supply a free Quotation.

Using lower cost off-peak electricity

BSA Regal offer a range of storage heating models covering the following options:


  • Use of  off peak electricity
  • Built in convector heaters to supplement storage heating
  • Fan assisted options for rapid heating
  • A range of 0.85 to 3.4 kw input loadings covering most heating requirements
  • Thermostat controls to typically control room temperature to within  +/- 1.5 deg c


  • Many well-known brands supplied
  • Wall panel and floor standing heaters
  • Available in slim/compact designs
  • Suitable for all types of rooms including bathrooms
  • Easy to use with various control options and timers
  • Can be controlled from central control timing systems
  • Option of Wall mounted programming units with some models


  • Low installation costs
  • Safe reliable with low maintenance costs
  • Cost effective way of extending existing heating systems

All models available will be installed by our large team of electricians to your requirements. Storage Heaters are cheap and they have no moving parts so are virtually maintenance free and do not require annual safety checks.